Roof Certification Inspections

A roof certification inspection is for the purpose of providing the insurance carrier a determination of the existing condition of a roof covering and the estimated life remaining.  Typically, this inspection is required for houses which have no record of the most recent re-roof.  Homes older than 25 years and manufactured homes are included in this group. 

The are several forms which are used in the reporting process.
Click here to see one required by Citizens.

Prior to inspection, we ask that you please: 

  • Provide reasonable access to the roof covering.
  • Provide access to the backyard for the purpose of picture taking.
  • Provide any documentation that will help define exact timelines associated with re-roofing.
  • Confine all pets in a secure area if necessary.

We ask that you prepare your home for inspection according to the above state as inspectors are not permitted to move personal items and operate equipment not listed in the “Standards of Practice” for safety concerns.

Thank you for your valued contribution to the inspection process.