Wind Mitigation Inspections

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation mandates that homeowners must be offered discounts from the wind portion of their premium.  These discounts are based upon certain features that reduce loss or damage, or help mitigate damage caused by high winds.  The assessment process to determine if your home meets the requirements necessary for discounts involves having a wind mitigation inspection performed.  The inspection requires access to the attic, access to the entire perimeter of the structure, and will take less than an hour to perform.  After the inspection, we will review the findings with you.

We will provide the appropriate report and pictures for submittal to your insurance agent.

The report is submitted by using the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form or the OIR-B1-1802.  The current form became effective in February of 2012.

Mitigation features to consider:
Building Code                                  What year was the home built?
Age of Roof Covering                        What year was the last roof covering update?
Roof Deck Attachment                     How is the plywood attached to the rafters?
Roof to Wall Attachment                  How are the rafters attached to the exterior walls?
Roof Geometry                                What is the shape of your roof?  Hip or non-hip?
Secondary Water Resistance            Do you have an upgraded underlayment?
Exterior Opening Protection              Do you have impact windows or shutters?

Keep in mind:

  • that you do not have to have ALL of the above in place to qualify for discounts.
  • discounts are given for each category separately.
  • insurance carriers apply discounts differently.







Prior to inspection, we ask that you please:

  • Provide a clear working area under and around attic access panels.
  • Provide access to the backyard for the purpose of picture taking.
  • Provide any documentation that will help define exact timelines associated with re-roofing, windows, or storm panels.
  • Confine all pets in a secure area if necessary.

We ask that you prepare your home for inspection according to the above state as inspectors are not permitted to move personal items and operate equipment not listed in the “Standards of Practice” for safety concerns.

Thank you for your valued contribution to the inspection process.